Worldwide Cost of Living

This unique survey incorporates straightforward comparative cost of living indices between a base city and one or more host cities of your choice where a general index is supplied and individual category indices for different sub-baskets are also represented. All prices and underlying scores are also supplied. Indices can be individually tailored in a variety of user-friendly ways: from choosing exchange rates to omitting items or series. Data is comprehensive and covers over 400 individual price points across 160 products and services in over 140 cities in 92 countries.

What is Covered

Global Liveability Report

The Global Liveability report assesses world provide the best or the worst living conditions. The EIU's livability rating quantifies the challenges that might be presented to an individual's lifestyle in 140 cities worldwide. This can be used for a variety of purposes, from assessing whether a location justifies a "hardship" allowance for visitors to measuring how a city's living conditions compare to its peers.


CityData contains pricing information on more than 160 products and services in over 140 cities worldwide. It allows you to check everything from the price of a loaf of bread in Adelaide to the average cost of an electric bill of a family in Zurich, to the cost of office rents in New Delhi to average labour costs in New York.