Risk Services

We offer a unique range of highly respected and reliable services to help you assess and minimise the risks facing your business around the world. Our risk models and early-warning systems can identify potential threats and opportunities to manage your operational and financial exposure.

What is Covered

Country Risk Service

Country Risk Service monitors 120 emerging and highly indebted markets on a continuous basis, producing two-year and five-year forecasts for the economic variables that are most important for risk
assessment. Data is presented in a consistent format across all reports
making country-by-country comparisons easy.

Quarterly forecasts available for major economies.

Country Risk Model

Country Risk Model is a customisable model designed to measure and compare risks across countries. An interactive tool, Country Risk Model allows you to quantify the risk of cross-border transactions such as bank loans, trade finance, and investments in securities. Country Risk Model is the model our analysts use to rate the 120 countries covered in our Country Risk Service. The model is an ideal tool for analysing country credit risk, providing input to an in-house risk assessment process, or checking an institution’s country assessments. The model has been back-tested to 1997 and performs to a high standard in terms of predictive power.

Risk Briefing

Risk Briefing is designed to help assess and mitigate the risks of doing business in 180 markets. Risk Briefing will enable you to make confident, informed business decisions, based on our comprehensive
and timely analysis. Risk Briefing provides forecasts, alerts, background studies, and data covering a wide range of risk factors. The service is updated daily in response to events that affect our assessment of operating risk in a particular country.

Operational Risk Model

Understand the impact on your business of currency instability, government collapse, global terrorism, intellectual property infringement, and political violence, then Operational Risk Model can help you navigate the risks and identify opportunities in 150 markets.