Public Policy

We are the global public policy practice of The Economist Intelligence Unit, providing evidence-based research for policy makers and key stakeholders seeking measurable outcomes.

Who we help

Our research capabilities range from economics to gender, and from finance to energy and technology. We conduct our research through interviews, regulatory analysis, quantitative modeling and forecasting, and we display the results via interactive data visualisation tools. Explore what we’ve done recently and the ways we tackle public policy analysis.

How we can help

Like The Economist, we are resolutely global and independent in our approach. Our team of analysts, economists and regulatory specialists have been helping clients develop data-driven solutions to public policy challenges since 1946. These include:

Global regulatory analysis

Through our coverage of more than 200 countries, we have the breadth and depth to understand the national regulatory environments that underpin public policy, including:

  • How regulations are made
  • Enforcement measures
  • Cross-country comparability
  • Implementation and effectiveness
  • Text-based scoring methodologies

Economic modelling & forecasting

With nearly 70 years' experience in economic forecasting and analysis, the Economist Intelligence Unit can:

  • Forecast GDP and other indicators for 200 countries
  • Build country-level econometric models
  • Estimate foreign investment and trade flows
  • Benchmark economies across dozens of indicators
  • Conduct sovereign credit risk and financial analysis

Index construction & global rankings

We are a global leader in the construction of indices and benchmarks that establish standards and incentivise change by:

  • Developing sound and transparent methodologies
  • Creating innovative scoring systems
  • Using quantitative, qualitative and synthetic indicators
  • Implementing weighting schemes, including through PC
  • Showcasing results in Excel and web-based model

Primary research

We support our modelling and desk research skills by directly engaging with our target audiences, especially through:

  • Interviews with experts, regulators and policymakers
  • Questionnaire development for surveys
  • Use of our in-country contributor network
  • Access to the on-the-ground networks of partner groups
  • Close collaboration with staff at development banks and NGOs

Convening expert panels

The Economist Intelligence Unit has a unique ability to convene experts to discuss and debate important policies, thereby:

  • Ensuring the highest quality of commissioned research
  • Uncovering the latest thinking in key policy areas
  • Engaging the community in research outcomes
  • Creating ‘buy-in’ in the stakeholder community
  • Leveraging the power of The Economist Group brand