Industry Analysis

We have developed a range of services that help organisations to better understand current trends and future developments in their industry and within their priority markets. Six industries are covered: Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology.

What is Covered

Automotive Briefing

Automotive Briefing provides answers to the questions facing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and component suppliers as they develop their strategies and grow their businesses around the world. It includes five-year forecasts for vehicle sales in 58 developed and developing markets, taking into account economic trends, consumer confidence and upcoming policy changes. It also tracks trends in production and the rollout of new emission and fuel standards.

Consumer Goods Briefing

Consumer Goods Briefing offers a wide-ranging overview of the global retail, food and non-food consumer industries, assessing the potential of 59 major markets. It includes data and forecasts that will allow you to compare the current and future sizes of these markets for your business, supplemented by information on the business environment, regulations and the state of competition. It also answers questions about how rapidly national and local markets are developing, including the rollout of e-commerce.

Energy Briefing

Energy Briefing provides five-year forecasts and news analysis for 69 of the world’s most important energy markets. It supports users in comparing supply and demand potential and deepens their understanding of how economic and political developments will impact the energy sector.

Financial Services Briefing & Forecasts

Financial Services Briefing delivers a complete picture of the financial services sector around the world on a daily basis. The service enables institutions to assess the market potential for their services, the risks and opportunities presented by different countries, and the implications of industry developments for their organisations.

Healthcare Briefing

Healthcare Briefing offers analysis and forecasts for the healthcare industry in 59 of the world's major economies. It identifies the trends affecting demand and supply in the pharmaceutical, biotech and generic sectors. Five-year forecasts cover life expectancy, infant mortality rates, healthcare spending, pharmaceutical sales, key economic indicators and market opportunities.

Telecoms Briefing

Telecoms Briefing answers critical marketing questions regarding business strategy and development worldwide. Telecoms Briefing combines in-depth data and analysis on the telecoms and information technology sectors with key macroeconomic indicators for the largest global economies. Five-year industry forecasts developed by our in-house proprietary model provide market size potential in key telecoms sectors.

World Commodity Forecasts

World Commodity Forecasts provides a wide range of essential information for those concerned with the international commodity markets. The EIU provides two year price, supply, and demand forecasts for 25 key commodities.