At the Economist Group, research is an essential component in driving Content Solutions. It is the foundation for delivering the original insights that distinguish our story telling.
We apply the same rigour of our editorial heritage to design research that goes beyond the expected to uncover novel and forward-looking perspectives.
Our reputation for authority and independence ensures access to elite audiences in every market in the world, providing truly distinctive viewpoints.
Our offerings consider the needs for topline, timely snapshots through to more in-depth explorations of complex topics.

Research Formats


When a snapshot is needed, we employ polls to get timely reactions to an issue. While limited in scope, these polls allow for an informed response to emerging events.


Allows for a broader exploration into the topic at hand, and the development of a descriptive story arc where several themes can be explored and shared through various assets and distribution platforms.

Pulse Survey

Provides a targeted and thoughtful evaluation of a topic to showcase and validate beliefs and expectations. Data and insights generated provide important talking points that can be visualised in various formats.


An open, in-depth dialogue is imperative to discovering new areas of thinking. We employ subject matter experts and an analytical approach to ensure insights garnered from interviews go beyond the surface to the unexpected.

Survey cross-tabs

Evaluating and delivering data in various formats ensures partners with diverse analytical backgrounds can use the intelligence gathered. Deliverables range from data files and cross tabulations through to presentations and data visualisations.