With over 70 events around the world each year, we are the foremost provider of thought-provoking events for business and opinion leaders.
From Fortune 500 companies to government entities, from finance, marketing, technology and beyond, our event attendees represent the senior leadership (65-70% are director-level or above) who are shaping their industries.

Flagship Economist Events

Global franchises

We convene a global audience to discuss issues that have a big impact on the world and on the economy, bringing to each topic The Economist's distinctive breadth of perspective and forward-looking analysis.

Regional industry events

Our regional industry events explore how innovation, global economic forces and technological disruption are influencing everything from health care to finance to energy.

Single-Sponsor Economist Events

Targeted programmes

We work closely with our clients to develop events that engage their target audience, ranging from single panels and roundtables to full-day programmes. For more information, please contact us.

Sample of Key

World Ocean Summit

will bring a critical eye to the vital issue of how to finance a sustainable ocean economy. Our aim is ambitious: to mobilise a new discussion on how capital and the private sector can drive scalable, sustainable investment in the ocean.

Pride and Prejudice

is a global, 24-hour event spanning three cities around the world. It will catalyse fresh debate on the economic and human costs of discrimination against the LGBT community. The event will challenge policymakers and industry leaders to rethink the future of the LGBT movement and its impact on business.

War on Cancer

will take a closer look at financing cancer control and examine cost-effective, results-driven strategies to manage the cancer burden. Leaders from government, academia and industry will assemble to highlight practical measures being used to attack the cancer burden in Asia and discuss how they can be refined, improved and implemented more effectively for the benefit of patients.

The World in...

is an exclusive gala evening is where The Economist and invited luminaries share their bold, candid, sometimes shocking and always entertaining predictions for the year ahead.