White Papers & Articles

Formats matter as much as the story you wish to tell. Whether you’re looking for campaign longevity, a Salesforce tool, a beautifully created digital asset or something that is snackable and sharable, we can consult, advise and deliver a content type to reach your campaign objectives.

Executive Summary

The perfect prelude to a full white paper. This two- to three-page write-up of our survey analysis by our expert editors is designed to communicate initial findings and often fits into a larger content programme - perfect for both internal and external distribution.

White Paper

A deep dive on a research theme. This 7,000-word report thoroughly explores survey findings and can include case studies and qualitative analysis from 15-20 interviews with experts and high-level executives.

Briefing Paper

A 2,500 or 5,000-word report details survey findings, case studies and qualitative analysis from about half a dozen interviews with experts and high-level executives.

Guest Blog

Blogs are one of the most influential digital resources and can outrank social networks for influence on consumers. Written by a senior executive or expert, commissioned and edited by the EIU, these 500-to 1,000-word pieces deliver robust opinion from the people who matter most to the conversation.


Easy-to-digest content pieces are perfect for prolonging the life of your campaign campaign and create ongoing engagement with your audience. Typically including one interview and comprising 750 to 1,000 words, individual articles work well as a series.

Case Study

Showcasing the experiences of companies, individuals or even countries can be the ideal complement to a fuller content series. Bring a new perspective into the mix through case studies.

E-book or E-zine

Move beyond paper and enhance your content with an illustrative digital piece of 2,500 words broken up by striking images, creative fonts and scroll technology.