Bank of Communications

Directly engage with VIP customers and provide expert insights based on customers' interest.


Directly engage with VIP customers and provide expert insights based on customers’ interest.


  • Direct Customer Engagement
  • Enhancing Corporate Reputation
  • Influencing Stakeholders

Engaging regularly with high net worth clients is essential for BOCOM (Bank of Communications), one of China’s largest banks. These wealthy individuals are important customers for its private banking business. Additionally, as successful entrepreneurs and major investors, many of them hold prominent positions in society and can influence the bank’s wider activities.

The bank knew that to engage intelligently with this busy audience it would have to offer them a resource they could directly relate to, and which would provide real value on a personal level.

BOCOM joined forces with The Economist Group to launch a Going Global initiative to attract the attention of high net worth individuals and showcase the bank’s progressive thinking.


High net worth individuals typically have a strong interest in education and are focused on “return on investment”. When seeking top academic opportunities for their children, the school’s destination may also play a role in their personal investment decisions, such as purchasing real estate.

Developed in partnership with the Economist Group, BOCOM gave this elite audience an insight into the return on investment of educational opportunities in 80 cities around the world through a unique objective index. Dubbed the Bank of Communications Sea Turtle Index, the resource was named for the haigui – the slang term for people who have returned to China after studying abroad.

Seeing education as an investment, the Sea Turtle Index factored in various elements that influence its return, including education quality, financial returns, real estate returns, work experience, as well as the quality of the social and cultural experience on offer.

The launch of the index was accompanied by a white paper and a dedicated website. During the campaign, a series of related activities amplified the bank’s message, which was carried by a large number of prominent media organisations.


Research programme – Designed and developed a unique index based on in-depth research, fact-checking and expert interviews conducted by The Economist Group

Bi-lingual white paper – Index and in-depth analysis of results presented in co-branded 7,000-word Chinese/English document

Interactive website – Index and analysis developed into an interactive website with customised visualisations to bring the data to life, maximise its appeal and usage. White paper also available for download on website.

Launch event – Index and findings announced to over 800 global media organisations. BOCOM and The Economist Group executives present index to over 56 domestic, regional and international media organisations at launch event.

Integrated communications campaign – Leveraged The Economist Group’s relationships and credibility to increase awareness of BOCOM among influential global leaders, and drive traffic to the website.

· Over 1.4 million elite readers of The Economist magazine learned about the Sea Turtle Index via a special sponsored section within the magazine
· A further 105,000 influential C-suite executives were reached via our Opinion Leaders’ panel
· Promoted to more than 112,000 social media followers, all of whom have a close relationship with The Economist Group
· Targeted banner advertising drew qualified traffic to the campaign website via over 400,000 impressions
· Multi-platform access across The Economist Group’s English and Chinese-language media assets ensured the campaign reached both an international and domestic C-suite audience


The Bank of Communications Sea Turtle Index and White Paper provided our high net worth private banking customers invaluable references and insights on investment in international education….

Lian Ping, Chief Economist for BOCOM

In line with the project’s objective of providing intelligent content that attracts and engages high-net worth individuals, the campaign delivered

· 74,000 total pageviews by nearly 30,000 unique visitors
· High engagement on site with 2.8 pageviews per visitor and 1.33 minutes average time spent
· Related news and commentary carried by more than 20 major media organisations, including The Wall Street Journal, China Daily, Bloomberg and Reuters
Additionally, the campaign positioned Bank of Communications as a progressive financial partner that uncovers important global issues for its valued customers.